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Who we are
DBO Services are a team of individuals with many years of experience in the use of sophisticated manufacturing systems. We specialize in the application of The Theory of Constraints to tough manufacturing problems in many of the world’s major manufacturing businesses from Boeing to Xerox.

DBO’s principle aim is to ensure that clients achieve rapid, real and sustainable benefits from the application of their systems.

We work closely with our Approved Partners to ensure that our clients get the very best out of their systems

What we do
Principally concerned with the planning side of manufacturing, DBO provide a range of services including consultancy, development, implementation, training and support. We have particular expertise in TOC and OPT based planning and scheduling systems together with advanced forecasting and replenishment planning techniques.

DBO's RightStock is a forecasting and replenishment planning package that brings together the expertise of many years pratical work into a system that produces substantial benefits.

Contact Details

DBO Services Limited
19 Auckland Road
Potters Bar
Hertfordshire, EN6 3ES
United Kingdom


DBO Services Limited

Registered in England and Wales
No: 04637559

VAT No: GB 813 0970 48