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Classification and Forecast Analysis Report

Email DBO Services a sample of your organizations demand history and RightStock will promptly analyze your data and return a report on the items submitted. A template for this data can be found in the template spreadsheet.

Click here to download template

DBO will provide a free report for analysis based on up to 6 items from this sample.

In this report RightStock will determine the items demand class, which at its simplest reflects the degree to which the demand has been continuous or intermittent, this is a vital first step for determining which forecasting techniques will be most suitable.

RightStock then applies further statistical tests to ascertain:

(i) whether there are any extreme demands (“outliers”) which should be regarded as untypical,

(ii) whether there may be consistent growth or decline (“trend”) over the most recent year, and

(iii) whether there is sufficient evidence of consistency of pattern between the two consecutive years for seasonality to be presumed

DBO will then return the report to you, explaining RightStock’s findings. For a sample of the type of report you will receive press here.

Send your demand history data in the required format to:

DBO Services

The Classification and Forecast Analysis Report provides a customer insight into the power of RightStock, giving the opportunity to find out more on:

• Classification
• Seasonality
• Trend
• Variability
• Outliers

and other forecasting capabilities of the RightStock Demand Management tool.

See the results for yourself.