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Forecasting for Customer Service

This fast-moving seminar presents forecasting in a specific commercial context, providing a unique combination of business overview and technical detail. It focuses on the selection of the most effective techniques and on the conversion of the demand forecast into business decisions designed to support customer service.

Learn how to:

  • Construct a corporate strategy for service

  • Identify patterns of customer demand

  • Select techniques to optimize forecasting performance

  • Leverage management interaction with the forecast by deploying powerful exception management techniques

  • Measure and improve forecast accuracy

  • Minimize the cost of supporting customer service aspirations

  • Calibrate stock levels in terms of customer service targets

  • Determine whether to supply from stock or make to order

  • Integrate the demand forecast with the production schedule

Who should attend:

  • Logistics Managers

  • Forecasting Managers

  • Inventory Controllers

  • Financial Managers, Controllers and Executives

  • Product and Brand Managers

  • Customer Service Managers

  • Inventory Managers

  • Materials Managers

  • Production Managers

In order to register your interest for this course please contact us at: