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DBO will help you win more business, make more income and deliver greater value to your clients

The vehicle is RightStock, a demand management solution that optimizes inventory through intelligent forecasting and accurate replenishment planning. If you’ve Taken a Tour of RightStock you will have seen how logical and straightforward this tool is to use.

RightStock is designed for any business that has to hold stock in order to meet customer service targets.

RightStock quickly delivers clear benefits to your clients by improving availability of key stock items while minimizing overall inventory levels and thereby increasing profitability.

RightStock will help you analyze a customers inventory situation, propose alternative business strategies and implement an ongoing solution.

RightStock is simple to use and is fast and straightforward to implement. DBO will provide you with the training, support and background information you need to carry out your first project.

RightStock is a tactical tool, complementary to all major ERP and Supply Chain systems and will not compromise implementations of larger business tools.

DBO offer RightStock on a ‘pay as you go’ basis minimizing your outlay in adopting this effective tool as part of your client offering.

DBO will also provide ongoing support to your client.

Click on Partner Registration to register and see how easily you could add this powerful tool to your consulting portfolio.

DBO Partners

When you qualify to be a DBO Partner , you enter a partnership with a trusted vendor that provides you with state of the art technology and expertise in order to provide your clients with best of breed Forecasting and Demand Management solutions.