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Planning and Scheduling for Customer Service

Slack in the supply chain and within manufacturing plants has been slashed during the last ten years. Stock, lead-times, capacities have been ruthlessly reduced to the point where it seems the only legitimate targets are zero or 100%. Competing and making money in the manufacture, distribution and sales of goods in what is now a world-wide economy has never been more difficult. Yet money is still being made and the fit are surviving and prospering.

Old-style planning and scheduling systems have failed to keep up with the pace of this business reality. To optimize and synchronize supply-chains and production webs, businesses are turning to a new breed of planning and scheduling, ADVANCED PLANNING and SCHEDULING.

Many use the APS acronym, but what is it, what should it be, what is so advanced about it?

This one day management workshop from experts in the APS field, sets out the objectives, realities, requirements and methodologies of APS.


  • The objective reality of business today: Goals, targets, obstacles, and competition.

  • The requirements of an APS methodology

  • Ground rules to be implemented by an APS.

  • Methods for implementing the rules.

  • Planning and scheduling methods.

  • Optimization algorithms. Local versus global. How global can we get?

  • Advanced Planning and Scheduling in Practice

  • Pitfalls to avoid. Let the buyer beware

  • Good practice

  • When APS fails

  • What success delivers

Who should attend:

  • Supply Chain Managers

  • Logistics Managers

  • Financial Managers, Controllers and Executives

  • Product and Brand Managers

  • Customer Service Managers

  • Inventory Managers

  • Materials Managers

  • Production Managers

  • Production Controllers

In order to register your interest for this course please contact us at: