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RightStock Forecasting & Replenishment
A state of the art tool that helps you maintain optimal inventory levels.

RightStock Decision Support
Make the right decisions about your product inventory levels and replenishment forecast levels.

RightStock Scheduling
A powerful planning and scheduling solution for the optimisation of manufacturing operations, materials and resources.

RightStock Scheduling Simulator
Play the simulator and derive new insights into your manufacturing process!!

RightStock is a truly agile business tool that allows a lean but optimized inventory to be easily managed whilst maintaining customer service levels and delivering improved profitability rapidly to your business. It is designed for businesses which supply customers from stock for a significant part of their product range or have to hold stocks of raw materials, ingredients, components or assemblies to meet production requirements.

RightStock Forecasting helps you decide what products you need and when.

RightStock Replenishment Planning tells you when to make or acquire goods and what safety stocks to maintain to allow for unexpected events.

RightStock Inventory Strategist helps you decide the best balance of inventory and customer service by showing you the cost of risk.

RightStock Scheduling Simulator is the famous production simulation tool that enables users to model a manufacturing process and then evaluate the effects of modifying various shop floor parameters.