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RightStock enables you to:

  • Determine an optimal balance between customer service and the cost of stockholding

  • Forecast demand for materials and finished goods

  • Generate replenishment orders for stock based on a specified level of service to be provided

  • Improve availability of key stock items while minimizing overall inventory levels

  • Achieve customer service target levels with a minimum of stock and management effort, even for very large inventories

  • Increase your revenues, lower operating costs and improve profits

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Businesses can rapidly increase the cost-effectiveness of planning decisions, by reducing forecast error and linking improved demand forecasting to corporate goals.

RightStock Forecasting is flexible enough to address material and component replenishment predictions, finished goods inventory analysis, multi warehouse distribution issues, spare parts replenishment or the simulation of future sales patterns for decision support purposes. Market Intelligence can be applied to modify the forecast according to future campaign strategies.

In a world where customers demand a specific minimum level of service, suppliers who wish to retain their customers often play safe at the risk of being significantly overstocked across a large range of products. RightStock Inventory Strategist will help establish the corporate policy on the balance between service level and cost.

Once a policy is determined RightStock Replenishment Planner applies proven statistical techniques determining the optimum level of inventory for each item, powering intelligent decision making in the replenishment planning process. It calculates replenishment orders on a daily, weekly or monthly basis, with the order quantity rounded to take account of batch sizing.