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RightStock is a decision support tool specifically developed to satisfy customer demand from stock. It analyses demand, sales or usage history to generate an individual forecast for each item at each location, based on the demand classification automatically assigned by the system.

RightStock deploys powerful statistical techniques to check for trend, exceptional demands, seasonality and bias.

This forecast, along with an estimate of future demand variability, is then used to calculate an inventory replenishment order designed to enable the specified level of customer service to be achieved.

At the heart of the system there is a comprehensive, configurable and fully automated exception management facility equipped to respond directly or to alert management to those items where special attention may be needed.

RightStock includes an Inventory Strategist tool, which enables the user to explore the relationship between stock level and customer service level with a view to determining a corporate policy on stock levels.

Forecasts of future replenishment orders are provided, along with a unique statistical filter that singles out those customer orders which require special treatment in production scheduling.

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RightStock has some powerful tools to help customers determine their Stock policy. These include:

- Demand Classification
- Exception Management
- Inventory Strategist .

Based on this the Replenishment Forecast Planner then advises users about the right replenishments quantities needed to maintain the decided stock levels.