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RightStock Scheduling ensures that no decision is made in isolation and that the consequences can be quickly evaluated. Implementing the RightStock Scheduling solution is not difficult; most of the data is already available, and focusing on the problem areas (normally a small number) gives almost immediate payback. Most customers have recovered their investment in RightStock Scheduling within 12 months of going live.

RightStock Scheduling does not just look at the next works order or consider one resource at a time.

It takes into account the full demand profile, explodes the Bill of Material and Routing for each part, checks the availability of resources and material and then calculates the best plan.

A key feature of RightStock Scheduling is that it considers the availability of materials simultaneously with capacity. The benefit of this approach is seen in the resulting schedules which are more realistic because they reflect both internal and external constraints. To achieve this, RightStock Scheduling calculates a finite material requirements plan (MRP) for the products in the schedule and matches this against available stock or planned deliveries. In this way RightStock Scheduling acts as an excellent expediter for the Purchasing Department to ensure the very best use of capacity to meet customer service targets. As the MRP calculation is very quick it is often used to assist any in-house MRP based package with fast simulation.

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Scheduling production using RightStock Scheduling reflects reality as all the resources are taken into account. These will be simultaneously considered for the completion of each operation.


Multiple auxiliary resources such as a jig, special tool, container or an inspector


Set up person

Available material .